About Devon

Devon Larimore is a Master Mechanic.  This isn't a certification on paper, this is a hard-earned appellation gained through years of striving to be the best at his craft.  Not the best in town, or the best on the Front Range.  The. Best.

Devon has a background in professional off-road racing, and has been a shop foreman and master technician for both Wolff Automotive and Pollard Off-Road in Boulder, CO.  With this experience he has been exposed to nearly every iteration of four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive in existence.

Whether you need a diagnosis on a hard-shifting Audi, or you need new struts and a timing belt in your Volvo, Devon is your guy.  From a custom built, Hemi-V8 powered JK Wrangler to a late model Subaru, Porsche, Honda, Acura, Ford, Chevy or Volkswagen, Devon has you covered.   

Combining his experience with custom 4x4s and high-end European and Japanese sports cars, Devon opened Devon's Car Care in the Summer of 2015.  His goal; to be your one-stop shop for every vehicle you own.  

Putting all mechanical proficiency aside, Devon is a class-act.  In a business chalked full of wannabes and fakes, Devon stands tall with an honest and affordable service that you can rely on.  

Regardless of the make, model or year of your vehicle, Devon is the most skilled, qualified and trustworthy mechanic you'll find. Period.  


Favorite trail

Holy Cross; Minturn, CO


2016 TRD Tacoma


39°41'37.41"N 106°46'41.17"W

From custom built, Hemi powered JK Wranglers and tube-chassis Tacomas to late-model Subaru, Porsche, Audi and Volvo, Devon has you covered



Devon's Car Care in Boulder, CO has just one mission; to provide the best service, at the best price, no matter the make or model.  Devon is equally comfortable tearing apart an ARB air-locker as he is a Swedish AWD system, and his long standing reputation in the local market allows him to source the parts you need at exceptional prices. 

So no matter what the task, you can rely on Devon's Car Care to get the job done.  

Devon's Car Care is owned and operated by Devon Larimore and his wife, Samantha.  

Devon's shop is conveniently located off East Pearl in Boulder, near Pellman's and Frye's.

Devon's clients come from as far away as Denver, Lakewood, Ft Collins, and even Summit County, and for good reason; you'll be hard pressed to find a negative review of Devon or his work.